Temporary Exhibitions

1958 - "Ticinese Handicraft Exhibition", Locarno
1962 - Exhibition with the painters Pedroli and Brunoni, Ascona
1964 - Exhibition at the "Castello Visconteo", Locarno
1978 - Exhibition within the events of the "Monte Verità", Ascona
1991 - "Modern Art Museum of Ascona", solo exhibit (curator Dr. Harald Szeemann
1991/1992 "Kunsthaus" in Zurich, sculptures exhibit within the exhibition "Visionary Switzerland" created for the celebrations of the Swiss Confederation’s 700th anniversary. Later moved to:
- "National Museum Queen Sofia Art Center", Madrid
- "Kunsthalle", Düsseldorf
1992 - Sculptures exhibit at a soapstone exhibition that took place in Evolène, Canton Valais
2001 - Venice Biennale, "Plateau of Humankind"
2002 - "Expo 2002", Bienne, National Bank’s Pavilion

Permanent Exhibitions

Since 1989 - "Regional Museum of the Centovalli", Intragna, Canton Ticino, 16 sculptures
Since 2000 - "Dimitri’s Museum of Comedy", Verscio , Canton Ticino, 6 sculptures